Old houses have a certain beauty to them that buyers seem to gravitate to. In Singapore, it would be the colonial style design. Many attach a ton of value to older houses for its history and the antiquity of its design.

However, since these houses were built decades ago you would expect higher maintenance cost in the future or just outright restoration of the whole house. These aged properties already have their share of problems that need fixing.

The common ones during a visit to the home is usually the plumbing. Construction materials and the know-how of builders back in the day are different from what they are now. This means that one should expect to do some fixing after buying a new, old house.

When it comes to plumbing, experts know which problems are already present during the first inspection. For many of them, the following are some of the most common issues faced by potential buyers and owners of older houses.

Wear and Tear

Corrosion and rust are results of regular use and aging materials. Being trapped inside moist areas or the walls inside your home eventually damage your pipes especially those who live in old property because of long time use.

It’s a common problem since most old houses haven’t had an occupant for a while which means waste materials and water get stagnant in the pipes slowly causing damage. Pipes are in better condition if it is used once in a while to allow materials inside to flow through.

Sub-standard Plumbing

Not all vintage houses use sub-standard materials for their plumbing. In fact, the pipes and fixtures may have been considered quality plumbing at the time the house was built.

However, just like with any technology the standard materials for plumbing in Singapore have changed. Older pipes are prone to burst with the current water system. These now-defective pipes should get replaced to ensure your old house has a safer and more efficient plumbing.

Service Life

As with any industrial material, pipes and fixtures have a set service life. Pipes last from anywhere to 40 to 80 years depending on the material used. Fixtures like a water heater or faucet don’t last more than two decades.

The older a house is you’d expect that its plumbing is just as old. If you plan to buy a 50 year old house, then it would be best to check the plumbing system. It might be vulnerable to damage because it has exceeded serviceable years.

Bad repairs

Past repairs done on the plumbing of older houses can be problematic for the new occupants because the previous owner might have done a DIY on it and the result a vulnerable plumbing system. This can be seen in badly configured pipe network, unvented plumbing, and poor installation of plumbing fixtures.

In this case, it would be advisable to have a professional plumber thoroughly check the plumbing in your old house.

He will know botched repairs through this inspection and can proceed to correct it. Make sure you hire a licensed plumber to get it right.