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Our company provide quality Singapore plumbing services to all our clients. We have a team of licensed plumbers who are ready to fix your water or drainage system at any time. Local clients to big-name businesses have worked with us to provide plumbing solutions. As an HDB licensed plumber, we also help a lot of HDB house owners.

Our plumbers use appropriate plumbing tools and equipment allows us to provide high-quality service each time. Once you book an appointment, your assigned plumber will be there on time to perform an inspection of your water/drainage system to determine the reason for the problem you are trying to get fixed.

These appointments can be set online or through our contact numbers. Our customer service is active day and night to get your calls. Customers always get quality plumbing work on the schedule they’ve identified that works for them.

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I was really happy with the service I got from Groff plumber. The technician they sent was a true professional. This company is the best!
Ficciones Chang
Ficciones Chang
00:43 19 May 18
I rely on Groff plumbing for my plumbing services and throughout the years they have never disappointed me. The technicians go out of their way to make sure that they deliver the service I need.
Chen Chiang
Chen Chiang
09:35 22 May 18

Top Singapore Plumber Service

 The plumbing services our company offers is one of the best in Singapore. With a complete line-up of plumbing solutions carried out by licensed plumbers, clients need not worry too much about any leaks because we can fix all of them.

Water system

This is a plumbing job that works on the entire water flow of a structure whether it’s as complicated as an office building or as simple as a small house. Plumbers will inspect the flow of water and pipes of the structure to identify the problem. Repair, replacement, or installation of new pipes or fixtures will follow to complete the job.

Sanitary drainage systems

This system still handles water flow but it directs the movement of dirty water inside a structure. Dirty water is collected from the drainage pipes. These pipes are installed in such a fashion that it would lead to either the city sewers or a septic tank. Tasks related to this water system is pipe unclogging, repair, and replacement. To properly dispose of excrements, grime, and dirt plumbers use tools and extracting equipment to ensure the drainage system works find.

Pipe Leaking Problem?

Leaky pipes are a common house problem here in Singapore. It can escalate to a massive headache for any homeowner if left alone. The same goes for drainage pipes in homes and buildings. The sewer water that might leak from these pipes will be a health hazard to the people inside.

These concerns would require the attention of a professional plumber. You don’t need to look far because we have our own team which you can contact easily through our website.

We will dispatch our best plumbers to fix your leaky pipes. They were trained to handle both water and drainage systems in any structure. This is one of the many reasons why many of our Singapore clients keep coming back to us.

A lot of them admire the professionalism of our plumbers when it comes to handling the task assigned to them leaving a quality fix every time. Our customer service staff receive a ton of calls each day hiring our plumbing services.

Why We Are The Recommended Plumber in Singapore?

Quality Work

Quality plumbing work is the trademark of our plumbers. All of them got their license straight from the PUB in Singapore which means they’re skilled and trained professionals. They can also operate the plumbing tools and equipment we use in all our services.

Cheap Price

Our affordable fees will help you save money without sacrificing a quality plumbing job. All of our plumbing services have their own standard fee which will cover any parts replacement, labor, and repair work done on your piping.

What Customers Say About Us?

Rayzal Omar

My rental apartment had been experiencing a problem for a long time. I was busy with work so I tried my luck online for a quick plumbing appointment. Easy enough, I found Groff Plumbing who were ready to go the location right away.

The problem turned out to be a lingering one with considerable damage so the fee shot up. But, when the plumber from Groff got to work, he finished the job in a few hours. I was very impressed with how things turned out.

Kelly Tan

I contacted Groff Plumbing through their online booking option. I filled up the form with a scheduled repair for 8-12. It was confirmed and surely on the date I set the plumber was there. I didn’t even need to call their representative to check if the plumber was arriving.

When the plumber, his name was Ryan, he checked our pipes and what I thought was a complicated problem got fixed easily. He was so calm and professional when he was fixing our water system. I thought he didn’t even break a sweat.

Nadia Raja

The leaking in my faucet didn’t stop for a few days. I found Groff Plumbing online to try to find a plumber to fix it. He was friendly to us when he got to our home and proceeded to fix the job just like a professional.

After he finished fixing the leak, he proceeded to put the entire faucet back together. He talked to us telling us how to prevent problems in the future. And when he was done, he picked up the fee on the quote and went on his way. No fuss! Thanks Groff Plumbing!

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 For Singaporeans who are need a quick plumbing service, you might want to call us immediately. There are multiple ways to contact us via phone, email, or through our online booking service.

Our affordable and professional services are available to anyone in Singapore. Contact us right away!

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