A Brief Intro For The Singapore Philatelic Museum

The Singapore Philatelic Museum is one of the more unique museums that is in Singapore. It is a collection of stamps, representing the history of the Postal Service as it has developed in Singapore over the decades. It was placed in what used to be a school that was designated for Anglo Chinese students. This happened back in 1906, but by the 1970s, it was converted to a book room and eventually made into this Museum. This brief introduction to the Singapore Philatelic Museum from our team should help you understand why you should visit this location.

What Is A Philatelic Museum?

This simply means that it is a museum which is going to focus on stamps, and anything else related to the postal industry. Once this particular location was opened up in 1995, it started amassing materials for permanent galleries. Although there are exhibits that can be seen changing from time to time, there are many renowned philatelists that have donated to this Museum on a permanent basis. There is also what is called a stamp shop, the perfect place for stamp collectors to go with the are interested in seeing some of the oldest ones available.

What Collections Do They Have There?

The collections that are there are going to include those from a British colony, something called the Straits Settlements, and there are also extremely old cancellation covers. Stamps dating back to 1855 are also available. Edwardian essays are also on display, referencing the time when Queen Victoria had just passed away. Many of these collections are extremely old, and therefore are not accessible by hand. They are things that you may only view. The Singapore Collection contains the first Republic stamps, the first definitive issue stamps and the first miniature sheets that were ever distributed.

Services Offered At The Singapore Philatelic Museum

The services that are offered will include traveling exhibitions. These are specifically used by organizations and schools that would like to display some of these unique stamps. The exhibitions will include information about how the stamps were made, perforated, and how heritage and culture played a large role in their development. The exhibition consultancy can also be used to set up galleries and schools. Part of their services will include project management, copywriting, design, exhibition planning and all of the research that is done in this industry.

There are many other things that you will see once you arrive at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. There are shops that you can buy unique gifts from, additional exhibitions that kids may love and a draw my stamp story program. This location is the perfect destination for those that are interested in stamps as a collector or simply as a hobby. It is also a wonderful place to educate children on what stamp production is all about, and its role in the early history of Singapore. By contacting them over the phone, or by email, you can find out about opening hours. If you are personally going, or bringing an entire classroom, they will always be able to accommodate your needs.

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Intro To Changi Museum

Singapore has a rich history and it has gone through a lot as a nation. One of its biggest moments and one that has become a part of the local culture would be World War II and the impact it had on everyone in the nation. For Singaporeans, this is one of those events that does hold great meaning and has been emphasized over time.

Changi Museum is an extension of this time in Singapore’s history and encompasses items from that era.

It is a wonderful look back into the world at that time and how everything was in Singapore. Check the detail below from us.

Established in 2001

In the beginning, the museum was set up in a different location and it stayed there for at least a decade. It was in 1988 when the first museum was put up and it was established with the mindset of emphasizing the future while looking at the past.

Japan’s time in Singapore as the occupier hit hard and it was one of the reasons why the museum gained prominence.

Over time, it became clear, it was time to move the museum to a new spot in the nation and that is when they found a new spot about a kilometer away from where it was. This occurred in 2001 and that was when it became a properly established name as the Changi Museum.

What’s Inside?

The museum is not just a building.

It is a lot more than that and this is the first thing people note when it comes to the location and its ethos. There is a lot of history there and the collection is an extension of this. It includes paintings, artifacts, and other key components from World War II in Singapore.

All of these have been authenticated and have remained in place for a long time.

People come from all over to take a look because of how rich the history is and what it has to offer. It is one of those exciting options that is mesmerizing. One of the most important parts of the collection would be the five-piece “Changi Murals” that were added.

These murals were produced by a man named Stanley Warren who was a bombardier of the 15th Regiment and he painted it in his time as a prisoner. The internment was hard but he coped with the paintings and their biblical messages. These remain in the museum to this day.


The Changi Museum is not laid out without paying attention to the details.

The museum is beautiful and this includes being split into an organized setup that is easy to manage. This includes the Changi Prison section, Changi Murals, Storyboards, End of War and Wartime Artists. Everything is chronological making it easier to sift through as you walk around taking a peek.

It is a fascinating experience and one that is filled with historical importance.

The Changi Museum is a beautiful look into the world that was filled with war and how people in Singapore overcame it.

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A Brief Introduction To East Coast Park In Singapore

If you are in search of an outdoor experience that has a variety of attractions to offer when you live or on a visit to Singapore, then East Coast Park is the ideal destination. It is here that around 7 million tourists and locals flock to this destination for various dining, entertaining and sporting attractions. Our team just did a team building event here.

Along the 15-kilometre expanse of beach, there are always many roller bladers and cyclists out and about enjoying the sea breeze and the sun shine, while water sports and cable skiing are available for those who love the water. Below are some of the things to do on your next visit to East Coast Park:

• Barbecuing

If you prefer to cook your own meals, while enjoying the outdoor weather, you have the opportunity to hold your own barbeque in East Coast Park. There are around 80 BBQ pits to choose from that span across the park. Make sure you place a booking to ensure you have your own pit on the day.

• Camping

East Coast Park offers designated area in Areas D and G where you are able to set up your tent for an overnight stay. To stay in East Coast Park, you will need a camping-permit. To apply for this permit, you will have to have an ID number in Singapore and a valid residential-address.

• The Children’s Playground

At Marine Cove you will find a large playground that features various playground equipment that is suitable for kids of different ages. This playground includes a 3-story Play Tower that was modelled to look like a lighthouse.

• Inline Skating And Cycling

Cycling is one of the popular activities that many visitors to the East Coast Park enjoy. You can either use your own bike or you are able to rent 1 from one of the bicycle kiosks inside the park. If you love skate boarding, make sure you pay a visit to Xtreme SkatePark inside the park to try out some of the ramps.

• Fishing

Another popular activity in East Coast Park that many visitors enjoy is to fish. There are opportunities to fish directly from the jetty. You will need to bring along your own fishing gear and rods.

• Dining

East Coast Park offers a variety of options to dine on the waterside. Some of the options on offer include a popular food center if you are looking for a quick bite or a number of cafes and restaurants. Here you can meet up with friends and family or choose from a variety of options to enjoy the local fare on offer.

• Water Sports

With this park near to the seaside, there are various water sports that tourists and visitors can participate in.

• Sandcastle Building

East Coast Park offers a way for visitors to enjoy the sea and the sand as well as the opportunity to build sandcastles. If you have children you should definitely head on down to Area E in the park, where your kids can enjoy the sand-play area.

The Modern Miracle of Gardens by the Bay 

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Jurong Bird Park In Singapore Is The Largest Of Its Kind In Asia

Have you heard of Wildlife Reserves Singapore? It is the group that handles a bird park in Jurong that is a great place to visit. This bird park is rather large, 49 acres, and it is right on Jurong Hill. Let’s talk about what you might want to know if you are going to visit Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Here is some guidance from our members.

The park opened in 1971. It should be mentioned that this bird park is supposed to be relocated in the future. It’s a good thing that they are going to keep it open, but it’s too bad that they have to relocate it of course. Still, the new location is going to be open in 2020 according to current plans. Until 2020, you can visit the park as normal at its current location. If you are interested in the new relocation address, it is going to be 80 Mandai Lake Road.

Right now, you visit the park by making your way to 2 Jurong Hill. Did you know that this is the largest bird park in Asia? Have you also heard that you get to see more than 400 bird species there? Not only do you get to see the birds and the beautiful surroundings, but you get to enjoy a scrumptious Asian buffet while there, too. And as you check out all the birds, there are bird shows and feeding sessions as well. It’s a bird paradise.

In other words, you’re not just walking around out in nature getting to see all the birds. There are all kinds of great activities, and for the kids, there is a playground that is bird-themed as well. Of course, the kids will also enjoy the feeding sessions and the shows. One of the shows is called the High Flyers Show.

Make your way to Lory Loft and feed the lorikeets. Reviews say that the birds actually come to you so it is quite easy to feed them. There is also the waterfall aviary that is a great feeding spot. Another popular show is the Kings of the Skies show. It’s interesting because people say enormous vultures are a part of that show.

It would be neat to see Jurong Bird Park before it ends up being relocated. Its current location is so ideal, but I’m sure that the new location is going to be great as well. Still, you don’t have too much more time before the Jurong Bird Park is no longer at 2 Jurong Hill. You might as well get in on all the fun before everything changes.

It will be neat feeding all the birds, and it will be great seeing the shows, too. It is a family fun experience that you don’t want to miss in Singapore. Does that sound like a plan to you? There are all kinds of things to do on the island, but this place certainly ranks up there with the best of the attractions that you can visit while you are vacationing in Singapore.

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A Modern Miracle – Gardens By The Bay In Singapore

If there is one thing that Singapore is known for it is a modern city state that provides its citizens with housing and a state that is both highly efficient and leads the world in both technology and an approach to greening that is the envy of other nations.

One of the most wonderful examples of this approach is the Gardens by the Bay. This is both a modern miracle as far as conservation is concerned and a modern miracle of technology.

Singapore has long made a commitment to being a city of gardens – and the Gardens by the Bay is only one of the most visible examples of this commitment.

To describe the Gardens as a nature park is to do an injustice to the amount of forethought that went into creating what is one of Southeast Asia’s foremost horticultural and natural attractions.

Gardens by the Bay is simply 101 hectares of man made wonder – and a joy for those who visit to encounter nature – from all over the globe in a setting that is unrivaled by any park on the globe.

The reclaimed land that the Gardens is placed upon was, and is intended to be one of the highlights for citizens of Singapore – a place where those who who call the city / state a home can enjoy a green space in a city that is now priding itself in becoming an urban garden.

Visitors to the Gardens by The Bay can enjoy the Supertrees – in Bay South Garden – the largest of the gardens that make up the park. Here visitors can enjoy a vertical garden that towers up to 16 story’s high and features suspended walkways for those who want to take in the beauty of the gardens from an elevated viewpoint. Of course any experience of Singapore would not be complete without the obligatory sound and light show – so for those who want to stay into the evening there is a wonderful show that will delight both young and old.

For those who want to really immerse themselves in the flora of Southeast Asia and that of many other continents there is the Cloud Forest. A world first this is a journey across a 35m tall mountain where visitors can immerse themselves in an experience that spans vegetation fed from the world’s largest and most impressive waterfall. Here those who visit will find in depth information and real world examples of tropical flora that is found in global highlands up to 2000 meters above sea level.

The Gardens by the Bay is a technological marvel. Nowhere else in the world have horticulturalists been able to simulate the environments that have been brought to life in Singapore. Not only is it a wonderful achievement and a tribute to those who designed it – it is also one of the most attractive installations in a city that prides itself on being one of the greenest on the planet. We also often do plumbing services around this area. Contact us if you need help from us.

The Beauty of Singapore Botanical Garden.

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