The Singapore Philatelic Museum is one of the more unique museums that is in Singapore. It is a collection of stamps, representing the history of the Postal Service as it has developed in Singapore over the decades. It was placed in what used to be a school that was designated for Anglo Chinese students. This happened back in 1906, but by the 1970s, it was converted to a book room and eventually made into this Museum. This brief introduction to the Singapore Philatelic Museum from our team should help you understand why you should visit this location.

What Is A Philatelic Museum?

This simply means that it is a museum which is going to focus on stamps, and anything else related to the postal industry. Once this particular location was opened up in 1995, it started amassing materials for permanent galleries. Although there are exhibits that can be seen changing from time to time, there are many renowned philatelists that have donated to this Museum on a permanent basis. There is also what is called a stamp shop, the perfect place for stamp collectors to go with the are interested in seeing some of the oldest ones available.

What Collections Do They Have There?

The collections that are there are going to include those from a British colony, something called the Straits Settlements, and there are also extremely old cancellation covers. Stamps dating back to 1855 are also available. Edwardian essays are also on display, referencing the time when Queen Victoria had just passed away. Many of these collections are extremely old, and therefore are not accessible by hand. They are things that you may only view. The Singapore Collection contains the first Republic stamps, the first definitive issue stamps and the first miniature sheets that were ever distributed.

Services Offered At The Singapore Philatelic Museum

The services that are offered will include traveling exhibitions. These are specifically used by organizations and schools that would like to display some of these unique stamps. The exhibitions will include information about how the stamps were made, perforated, and how heritage and culture played a large role in their development. The exhibition consultancy can also be used to set up galleries and schools. Part of their services will include project management, copywriting, design, exhibition planning and all of the research that is done in this industry.

There are many other things that you will see once you arrive at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. There are shops that you can buy unique gifts from, additional exhibitions that kids may love and a draw my stamp story program. This location is the perfect destination for those that are interested in stamps as a collector or simply as a hobby. It is also a wonderful place to educate children on what stamp production is all about, and its role in the early history of Singapore. By contacting them over the phone, or by email, you can find out about opening hours. If you are personally going, or bringing an entire classroom, they will always be able to accommodate your needs.

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