If you are in search of an outdoor experience that has a variety of attractions to offer when you live or on a visit to Singapore, then East Coast Park is the ideal destination. It is here that around 7 million tourists and locals flock to this destination for various dining, entertaining and sporting attractions. Our team just did a team building event here.

Along the 15-kilometre expanse of beach, there are always many roller bladers and cyclists out and about enjoying the sea breeze and the sun shine, while water sports and cable skiing are available for those who love the water. Below are some of the things to do on your next visit to East Coast Park:

• Barbecuing

If you prefer to cook your own meals, while enjoying the outdoor weather, you have the opportunity to hold your own barbeque in East Coast Park. There are around 80 BBQ pits to choose from that span across the park. Make sure you place a booking to ensure you have your own pit on the day.

• Camping

East Coast Park offers designated area in Areas D and G where you are able to set up your tent for an overnight stay. To stay in East Coast Park, you will need a camping-permit. To apply for this permit, you will have to have an ID number in Singapore and a valid residential-address.

• The Children’s Playground

At Marine Cove you will find a large playground that features various playground equipment that is suitable for kids of different ages. This playground includes a 3-story Play Tower that was modelled to look like a lighthouse.

• Inline Skating And Cycling

Cycling is one of the popular activities that many visitors to the East Coast Park enjoy. You can either use your own bike or you are able to rent 1 from one of the bicycle kiosks inside the park. If you love skate boarding, make sure you pay a visit to Xtreme SkatePark inside the park to try out some of the ramps.

• Fishing

Another popular activity in East Coast Park that many visitors enjoy is to fish. There are opportunities to fish directly from the jetty. You will need to bring along your own fishing gear and rods.

• Dining

East Coast Park offers a variety of options to dine on the waterside. Some of the options on offer include a popular food center if you are looking for a quick bite or a number of cafes and restaurants. Here you can meet up with friends and family or choose from a variety of options to enjoy the local fare on offer.

• Water Sports

With this park near to the seaside, there are various water sports that tourists and visitors can participate in.

• Sandcastle Building

East Coast Park offers a way for visitors to enjoy the sea and the sand as well as the opportunity to build sandcastles. If you have children you should definitely head on down to Area E in the park, where your kids can enjoy the sand-play area.

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