Plumbing problems in Singapore Flats

Flats in Singapore encounter problems with their plumbing due to the wear and tear of continuous use. These types of spaces in the city are almost always occupied year round due to the high population.

Unlike individual households, flats are in high rise buildings which makes it even more vulnerable to bad plumbing. We will identify plumbing problems reported by flat owners within Singapore. There will also be suggestions on how to keep them from happening in the future.


Residences like flats will have issues similar to homeowners. You can expect clogging in a drain or toilet if the occupant isn’t responsible enough with their waste. But, with flats in a multi-story building a clogging problem in one space can affect the other rooms within the building.

The plumbing in flats are interconnected with each other which means clogging can not only back up your drain but also the other rooms who are connected to the same pipe.

It can even lead to bigger problems if the clogging is severe completely stopping the flow of drainage. This will cause a flood in the flats that are first in the pipe network.

For toilets, the good old plunger can do the trick when trying to dislodge the materials causing the clog. You might have to use your plunger for several days straight to ensure that you loosen up all the clogged up waster.

Drain clogging are similar to toilets but they have different substances causing the clog. Used oil, grease, and soap are the common household items that clog up your sink’s drain. Plungers might also work but you can also buy a commercial declogger which contains a chemical that will loosen this mix of materials clogging up your drain.

Leaking Water

A leak inside a flat can be problematic because the dirty water can come from anywhere within the pipe network of your building. In many cases, the tenants don’t know that there is a leak because it is hidden within the walls. They will only notice if the dirty water starts to smell or enter their space. And when the pipes are checked the damage is bigger than expected.

You have to be able to look for different signs when your flat does have a leaky pipe or faucet. Aside from the bad smell of dirty water, your meter might be running faster than your normal usage. This can be attributed to the wasted water. You can see it in your monthly water bill. If you see a sudden spike, you should think about having your pipes inspected.

In-house flooding

The plumbing system inside your building might have an issue with corrosion in the pipes. These are found in moist or wet areas like the laundry rooms or common bathrooms. Corrosion might cause the pipe to burst leaking large amounts of water filling the room with water.

Watch the pipes connected to the washer to make sure its not affected by rust. Don’t try to fix it on your own because you might worsen the problem. Always tell your building manager about the problem so they can get a plumber in Singapore to check and fix the problem.

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Several Issues with Old House Plumbing

Old houses have a certain beauty to them that buyers seem to gravitate to. In Singapore, it would be the colonial style design. Many attach a ton of value to older houses for its history and the antiquity of its design.

However, since these houses were built decades ago you would expect higher maintenance cost in the future or just outright restoration of the whole house. These aged properties already have their share of problems that need fixing.

The common ones during a visit to the home is usually the plumbing. Construction materials and the know-how of builders back in the day are different from what they are now. This means that one should expect to do some fixing after buying a new, old house.

When it comes to plumbing, experts know which problems are already present during the first inspection. For many of them, the following are some of the most common issues faced by potential buyers and owners of older houses.

Wear and Tear

Corrosion and rust are results of regular use and aging materials. Being trapped inside moist areas or the walls inside your home eventually damage your pipes especially those who live in old property because of long time use.

It’s a common problem since most old houses haven’t had an occupant for a while which means waste materials and water get stagnant in the pipes slowly causing damage. Pipes are in better condition if it is used once in a while to allow materials inside to flow through.

Sub-standard Plumbing

Not all vintage houses use sub-standard materials for their plumbing. In fact, the pipes and fixtures may have been considered quality plumbing at the time the house was built.

However, just like with any technology the standard materials for plumbing in Singapore have changed. Older pipes are prone to burst with the current water system. These now-defective pipes should get replaced to ensure your old house has a safer and more efficient plumbing.

Service Life

As with any industrial material, pipes and fixtures have a set service life. Pipes last from anywhere to 40 to 80 years depending on the material used. Fixtures like a water heater or faucet don’t last more than two decades.

The older a house is you’d expect that its plumbing is just as old. If you plan to buy a 50 year old house, then it would be best to check the plumbing system. It might be vulnerable to damage because it has exceeded serviceable years.

Bad repairs

Past repairs done on the plumbing of older houses can be problematic for the new occupants because the previous owner might have done a DIY on it and the result a vulnerable plumbing system. This can be seen in badly configured pipe network, unvented plumbing, and poor installation of plumbing fixtures.

In this case, it would be advisable to have a professional plumber thoroughly check the plumbing in your old house.

He will know botched repairs through this inspection and can proceed to correct it. Make sure you hire a licensed plumber to get it right.

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Signs of a Toilet Ventilation Problem

Toilets need to be properly vented to ensure that it functions properly all the time. Poor ventilation and/or clogging can cause problems with flushing, bad smells emitted, and other unpleasant things you might experience when you’re inside the restroom.

Homeowners can easily tell whether the problem with their plumbing is drainage ventilation. They can see bubbling in the water in the toilet which is a sign of trapped air. Water levels changing in your toilet can also tell you that there is a problem.

This problem can also be seen when you use a toilet plug regularly and the flushing problem keeps recurring. Water in your toilet that slowly goes down is also a ventilation problem when you ask a plumber.

In construction, vent pipes are now a requirement so that the air doesn’t get trapped inside them while also moving waste efficiently through the drainage. Even though pipes are hidden, here are some expert tips to make sure you know whether you have a ventilation problem or not.

Under the Sink

Vent pipes connect the drain and sink connection found on the wall under your sink. You can find this spot if you trace the pipe that runs down the drain to the wall. Check whether there is a vented pipe that connects the pipes in that plumbing section.
Prying the hole with a knife where it passes through will allow you to check to see the vented pipe. If it’s there then, you know your plumbing is ventilated. Usually, a single vent pipe for a bathroom is good enough to make it function well.

Attic Vented Pipes

Pipe connections that run through the attic will be a good indicator if whether your bathroom has vented pipes. It connects that drain pipe and the bathroom piping so that it allows air to escape in the attic to the roof.
Venting methods like these are usually done for bathroom that are far away from the main ventilation section of a house. Plumbing fixtures will dictate how many of these types of vented pipes can be found in your home.

Roof Vents

Pipe vents on the roof can be checked by two people. Locate the vent pipe under the roof that runs from the bathroom. Have a partner stay there while you flush the toilet downstairs. The sound of running water will indicate that the pipes are not clogged.

This can be done all throughout your house where your vent pipes are in the roof. It can be the sink, the drains, or other bathrooms. It will help you determine whether your ventilation problem comes from so you can address it.

Vented Pipe Functions

These types of vented pipes function to equalize the pressure on your drainage system. Clogged or uneven water levels show that air is trapped within the pipes and it needs to get out through the ventilation.
Gurgling water can be heard through the pipes when you try to flush your toilet. Don’t hesitate to call your plumber if you’re seeing these signs on your drainage pipes. Professional plumbers will know how to address this problem with the right solution.

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Best Plumbing Fixtures for Homes in Singapore

Decorations inside a house can add to its beauty. Whether you’re in a remodeling phase or constructing a brand new space, getting fixtures and installations that adds to the beauty of your home’s interior is a must.

Creative people love to do this because it challenges them. Even an ordinary bathroom fixture can be fitted with a faucet or handle with a beautiful design. You improve the look of your house once you try to mix and match specific elements of the design like the plumbing fixtures.The job of choosing the right fixture can be a tedious one. First, you must consider the overall theme of your interior design. You shouldn’t just put a faucet with a minimalist modern design into a bathroom that has more of a classic look to it. Conversely, modern home designs fitted with antique installations would not match.

The job of choosing the right fixture can be a tedious one. First, you must consider the overall theme of your interior design. You shouldn’t just put a faucet with a minimalist modern design into a bathroom that has more of a classic look to it. Conversely, modern home designs fitted with antique installations would not match.

With a bit creativity and a whole lot of resourcefulness, you will be able to find plumbing fixtures that will go with your overall design. A modern home would do well with plumbing installations that are made of nickel or have a chromed design.

Plumbing fixtures in Singapore can be bought in hardware stores. Quality and brand of your chosen item will determine the price you have to pay for it. You can scour the market for cheaper options to fit your budget. Just make sure that the low-cost alternative you bought is durable.

People who own homes with a classic design would find it harder to get their fixtures. You should buy the product that matches your designs theme, classic era, and overall look. It is not simply pipes and faucets that are usually found in 50-year old homes. These fixtures have a level of antiquity in its design. These come in unique sizes and shapes. You can scour your antique store for faucets and sinks with a classic design. Find a plumbing specialty store that sells antique toilets and tubs as well.

Manufacturers of plumbing fixtures have created many different designs and shapes for their products which is why it’s not impossible to find the one that you prefer. Select the one that will seamlessly fit in your overall design. A certain plumbing store usually has the products that will go with your décors. Just look for the one nearest you its not a hassle going back and forth to get what you need from that store. Check out the store first to see if it sells quality products.

This will make it easier to get plumbing products in Singapore.
Go online and do some research so you know which plumbing hardware stores are nearest your location. Visit them all one by one before making a purchase. It is a tedious process but it will be worth it in the end. You will be able to find beautiful antique fixtures if you take your time. There may be a plumbing collection in an online store or a reliable plumbing shop.

Some antiques might be pricey others not so much. Just be prepared to some negotiating with the owner to get the best deal. You might end up getting stuff for a bargain if you have the negotiating skills.

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