When traveling to Jurong East in Singapore, you might want to stop by the Science Centre. There you will find 1000+ exhibits, which means there is quite a lot to see. Located at 15 Science Centre Road, the museum not only has more than 1000 exhibits, but twelve different galleries that feature them. That just speaks to the size of the place and what type of adventure awaits you.

Take a look at Snow City nearby, too. Get to know the area and what all you can do when you are in that part of Singapore. The Omni Theater is right there as well, so keep that in mind. But the Science Centre in Singapore is the main draw in this area, and it is quite the place to visit. Learn about the human body, space and so much more. Describing what you will learn is nothing like what you will see in person.

Did you know that the science centre opened up in 1977? Keep in mind that the Omni Max Dome is actually part of the science center, as it was an expansion that was added around a decade after the place opened. The centre is certainly an exciting place to visit. It went through a rebranding phase a little over 10 years ago, but the name didn’t change much. It was originally called the Singapore Science Centre, and now it is called the Science Centre Singapore.

One point of interest you will want to check out while you are there is the Observatory. Did you know that the location of this observatory is unique in that it is near the equator? It is a really nice place to learn about astronomy, and there are stargazing sessions that are held there. It’s all about science education, and Singapore has really invested in its people in that regard.

Of course, it is also a great place to experience while traveling the island of Singapore. There is an exhibition called Phobia2 that sounds really unique. People say that you also get to be up close and personal with butterflies. You can take a guided tour of the facility, too. Reviewers recommend also visiting the Butterfly Park in Sentosa as well as Insect Kingdom, if you enjoy the butterfly exhibit at this science centre.

The Science Centre in Singapore makes for a great family outing. People mention to look for discounted tickets so that you can get a better deal on your visit to the center. Just be sure that you buy them from a trusted source. It is said that kids absolutely love the place, so you know that all the interactive exhibits have to be quite fun.

You don’t want to miss the fire tornado show either. What’s been mentioned so far is just part of what you are going to find when you visit this centre. It is a great way to spend time, and you are going to want to go back again. Just wait and see!

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Introduction to Singapore Phitalic Museum.