Singapore has a rich history and it has gone through a lot as a nation. One of its biggest moments and one that has become a part of the local culture would be World War II and the impact it had on everyone in the nation. For Singaporeans, this is one of those events that does hold great meaning and has been emphasized over time.

Changi Museum is an extension of this time in Singapore’s history and encompasses items from that era.

It is a wonderful look back into the world at that time and how everything was in Singapore. Check the detail below from us.

Established in 2001

In the beginning, the museum was set up in a different location and it stayed there for at least a decade. It was in 1988 when the first museum was put up and it was established with the mindset of emphasizing the future while looking at the past.

Japan’s time in Singapore as the occupier hit hard and it was one of the reasons why the museum gained prominence.

Over time, it became clear, it was time to move the museum to a new spot in the nation and that is when they found a new spot about a kilometer away from where it was. This occurred in 2001 and that was when it became a properly established name as the Changi Museum.

What’s Inside?

The museum is not just a building.

It is a lot more than that and this is the first thing people note when it comes to the location and its ethos. There is a lot of history there and the collection is an extension of this. It includes paintings, artifacts, and other key components from World War II in Singapore.

All of these have been authenticated and have remained in place for a long time.

People come from all over to take a look because of how rich the history is and what it has to offer. It is one of those exciting options that is mesmerizing. One of the most important parts of the collection would be the five-piece “Changi Murals” that were added.

These murals were produced by a man named Stanley Warren who was a bombardier of the 15th Regiment and he painted it in his time as a prisoner. The internment was hard but he coped with the paintings and their biblical messages. These remain in the museum to this day.


The Changi Museum is not laid out without paying attention to the details.

The museum is beautiful and this includes being split into an organized setup that is easy to manage. This includes the Changi Prison section, Changi Murals, Storyboards, End of War and Wartime Artists. Everything is chronological making it easier to sift through as you walk around taking a peek.

It is a fascinating experience and one that is filled with historical importance.

The Changi Museum is a beautiful look into the world that was filled with war and how people in Singapore overcame it.

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