Have you heard of Wildlife Reserves Singapore? It is the group that handles a bird park in Jurong that is a great place to visit. This bird park is rather large, 49 acres, and it is right on Jurong Hill. Let’s talk about what you might want to know if you are going to visit Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Here is some guidance from our members.

The park opened in 1971. It should be mentioned that this bird park is supposed to be relocated in the future. It’s a good thing that they are going to keep it open, but it’s too bad that they have to relocate it of course. Still, the new location is going to be open in 2020 according to current plans. Until 2020, you can visit the park as normal at its current location. If you are interested in the new relocation address, it is going to be 80 Mandai Lake Road.

Right now, you visit the park by making your way to 2 Jurong Hill. Did you know that this is the largest bird park in Asia? Have you also heard that you get to see more than 400 bird species there? Not only do you get to see the birds and the beautiful surroundings, but you get to enjoy a scrumptious Asian buffet while there, too. And as you check out all the birds, there are bird shows and feeding sessions as well. It’s a bird paradise.

In other words, you’re not just walking around out in nature getting to see all the birds. There are all kinds of great activities, and for the kids, there is a playground that is bird-themed as well. Of course, the kids will also enjoy the feeding sessions and the shows. One of the shows is called the High Flyers Show.

Make your way to Lory Loft and feed the lorikeets. Reviews say that the birds actually come to you so it is quite easy to feed them. There is also the waterfall aviary that is a great feeding spot. Another popular show is the Kings of the Skies show. It’s interesting because people say enormous vultures are a part of that show.

It would be neat to see Jurong Bird Park before it ends up being relocated. Its current location is so ideal, but I’m sure that the new location is going to be great as well. Still, you don’t have too much more time before the Jurong Bird Park is no longer at 2 Jurong Hill. You might as well get in on all the fun before everything changes.

It will be neat feeding all the birds, and it will be great seeing the shows, too. It is a family fun experience that you don’t want to miss in Singapore. Does that sound like a plan to you? There are all kinds of things to do on the island, but this place certainly ranks up there with the best of the attractions that you can visit while you are vacationing in Singapore.

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