If there is one thing that Singapore is known for it is a modern city state that provides its citizens with housing and a state that is both highly efficient and leads the world in both technology and an approach to greening that is the envy of other nations.

One of the most wonderful examples of this approach is the Gardens by the Bay. This is both a modern miracle as far as conservation is concerned and a modern miracle of technology.

Singapore has long made a commitment to being a city of gardens – and the Gardens by the Bay is only one of the most visible examples of this commitment.

To describe the Gardens as a nature park is to do an injustice to the amount of forethought that went into creating what is one of Southeast Asia’s foremost horticultural and natural attractions.

Gardens by the Bay is simply 101 hectares of man made wonder – and a joy for those who visit to encounter nature – from all over the globe in a setting that is unrivaled by any park on the globe.

The reclaimed land that the Gardens is placed upon was, and is intended to be one of the highlights for citizens of Singapore – a place where those who who call the city / state a home can enjoy a green space in a city that is now priding itself in becoming an urban garden.

Visitors to the Gardens by The Bay can enjoy the Supertrees – in Bay South Garden – the largest of the gardens that make up the park. Here visitors can enjoy a vertical garden that towers up to 16 story’s high and features suspended walkways for those who want to take in the beauty of the gardens from an elevated viewpoint. Of course any experience of Singapore would not be complete without the obligatory sound and light show – so for those who want to stay into the evening there is a wonderful show that will delight both young and old.

For those who want to really immerse themselves in the flora of Southeast Asia and that of many other continents there is the Cloud Forest. A world first this is a journey across a 35m tall mountain where visitors can immerse themselves in an experience that spans vegetation fed from the world’s largest and most impressive waterfall. Here those who visit will find in depth information and real world examples of tropical flora that is found in global highlands up to 2000 meters above sea level.

The Gardens by the Bay is a technological marvel. Nowhere else in the world have horticulturalists been able to simulate the environments that have been brought to life in Singapore. Not only is it a wonderful achievement and a tribute to those who designed it – it is also one of the most attractive installations in a city that prides itself on being one of the greenest on the planet. We also often do plumbing services around this area. Contact us if you need help from us.

The Beauty of Singapore Botanical Garden.